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cPanel/WHM configurations
cPanel/WHM configurations

In this post i am going to describe how to setup your whm/cPanel for the first time. Login to your whm/cPanel with root username and password by typing your ip address and port number in url bar of browser as stated below:


First Step:

On very first page you will see license agreement of cPanel/WHM just accept it.

  • Agreement: Accept the agreement.

2nd Step:

Here you are required to configure networking options for the WHM/cPanel.

  • Setup Networking: 
  • Hostname: In the server’s host name write your host name such as server1.yourdomain.com
  • Resolvers: Leave these options as they are, as they are configured automatically.

3rd Step:

Here you will see all available ip address and the actions that can be done on them.

  • Setup IP address: Leave these fields as they are. Skip this option

4th Step:

This step allows you to setup name servers for the VPS, this is very important to setup name servers properly otherwise your domains won’t work.

  • Name servers software: You should select BIND as your primary name server software as it is easy to manage BIND as compare to others.
  • Choose Name servers: At this point you will choose your name servers as if your main domain is  www.yourdomain.com then your two name servers will be as follow: ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com
  • Add A Entries: At this point you will write valid ip addresses for the name servers, you must create child name servers from your domain control panel pointed to the server’s ip address. Just write those here.
  • Check both checkboxes and press save.
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5th Step:

At this step you will be asked to choose FTP and mail programs.

  • FTP: Select Pure-FTPD as you FTP server.
  • Mail: Select Courier as you mail server.
  • cPhulk: Enable cPhulk, now goto next step by saving these configurations.

6th Step:

On this step, just enable the quotas and press on Finish Setup Wizard.

You have setup your VPS with WHM/cPanel properly
You are done!

Note: You must point your child name servers to your server’s ip from the domain control panel.

In our next post we will describe how to setup child name servers for a domain.

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