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installing cpanel/WHM
installing cPanel/WHM

In this post i will discuss how to install WHM/cPanel trial version on dedicated server or onVPS, if your IP has not used cPanel/WHM before you will be eligible to use trial version of WHM/cPanel (30 days for dedicated server and 15 days for VPS) once your trial is over you need to license for it.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 512 MB minimum RAM
  • 10GB minimum Hard Disk
  • 2 GHZ minimum processor
  • 1 Public IP
  • Linux CentOS 5+/CentOS 6

Follow the following below steps:

  • Login to your dedicated server or VPS via shell terminal (SSH), you can use putty to do so.
  • Execute following commands in terminal:
# cd /home
# wget -N http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest
# sh latest
  • If you want to run WHM/cPanel installation in background, you can also do this via Screen software, follow below instructions to run the installation in background:

# yum -y upgrade && yum -y install screen

  • Above command will update your YUM repositories and then install Screen software on the dedicated server/VPS.
  • Now run below command in /home directory:

# screen -dmS cpanel-installation /bin/bash -c “sh latest”

  • This will start installation of cPanel/WHM in background, now you can also see the progress by executing following below command:

# screen -x

The installation may take upto an hour to be completed, after completion you will be able to access WHM panel from http://your-ip-address:2086

Now you can configure your WHM/cPanel for the first time.

We will describe setting  up your dedicated server or VPS for the first time in our next post.


Chill 🙂

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