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With the passage of time WordPress became very powerful and most famous content management system and is currently being used by many web developers including newbies and oldies. Some say it is not much secure and hackers can easily damage the web site running on WordPress. Well, to some extent it is correct but not all the times. There are many security plugins and tweaks available on the internet to prevent the hacking of wordpress web site.
I am sharing my own personal collection of the just only 2 plugins they are “Must have security plugins for WordPress”.

1. Wordfence

If you just installed the wordpress and going to develop web site on it or if your web site is old and already hacked in past and is still target of the hackers. Then you should install Wordfence WordPress plugin without wasting a minute. Just install and active plugin, then activate Firewall. That is all you do not need to do much, Wordfence will take care of it all:

URL : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/

2. Anti Malware by GOTMLS

This plugin provides easiest way to scan and fix your web site if it is hacked or injected any suspicious code. It just scans your all WordPress files, core files, plugin files, template files and all other files for possible suspicious code or malware. Once installed, activated, configured, downloaded new definitions you’re ready to launch the scan. Once scan is completed just Press Fix Issues Automatically and you’re all done.

URL : https://wordpress.org/plugins/gotmls/

These 2 plugins will be enough for you to secure your WordPress web site. You must install them immediately.

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  • Keep your wordpress updated
  • Keep your plugins updated
  • Keep your template updated
  • Remove templates and plugins you’re not using.
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