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http2 is the latest protocol¬† everyone is migrating on it due to its reliability and speed. So my client asked me the same to enable it for his server, i had to enable http2 protocol on one of my client’s dedicated server. After enabling it i faced very strange issue that took my couple of hours figuring out the main cause.

I enabled http2 and then tried to access web site with local chrome browser (Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)) it returned http/1.1 all the time in network tab. Then i tried accessing it on my remote desktop server having windows 2012 standard version i saw all the things work fine and in network tab i saw h2 which means it is working.

So i searched on google and came to the conclusion it is either network (ISP), antivirus or firewall which is blocking the access via http2 and reverting back to http/1.1 protocol. Here are 2 URLs to check for http2 support locally and on web server.

To check http2 support on your server/website, visit following URL and make tests by inputting your web site URL:



To check support for local web browser/internet:



Returning message will say it all!

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