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PKNICPakistan’s largest domains (cTLDs) provider PKNIC has no WHMCS modules or domain checking mechanism for 3rd party tools.

You can add these domains checker functionality to your WHMCS by doing below simple steps:

For WHMCS 5.x, 6.x

  • Login to your FTP and edit file “WHMCS installation folder/includes/whoisservers.php” in any text editor or Dreamweaver
  • Now paste following below code at the end of the file and save that file to your server.

.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.com.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.net.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.org.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.edu.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.web.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.biz.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found
.fam.pk|http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=|HTTPREQUEST-Domain not found

For WHMCS 7.x

  • Login to the file manager or FTP and navigate to the WHMCS installation folder/directory
    WHMCS installation folder/resources/domains
  • Create new file named “whois.json”
  • Copy and paste following below code and save it:
            "extensions": ".pk,.com.pk,.org.pk,.gov.pk,.net.ok,.edu.pk,.web.pk,.biz.pk,.fam.pk",
            "uri": "http://pk6.pknic.net.pk/pk5/lookup.PK?name=",
            "available": "Domain not found"

Thats all, now your clients will be able to check for domains availability against PKNIC domains.


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